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8 O’Clock IT Solution Co.,LTD. is founded by a group of experienced programmers, with more than 15 years hands on practicality in IT industry. From system designing to front line supporting experiences, we profoundly understand user requirements, be it for software or hardware related issues. Our strength lies in our ability to effectively communicate to the users.

Our intensive background has made us realized that the most crucial factor in developing a system is that it must be practical in actual environment. Hence, it brings out the most to the organization either for process simplifying, accuracy improvement, waste elimination or productivity improvement. As such, it is always in our consideration that the developed application serves customer needs and adds value to the organization.

On the other hand, our priority when developing application specifically includes the ease of usage from user experience perspective. The look and feel must appropriately meet the organization brand or customer requirements. We understand the essential of the convenience when it comes to actual usage for example, when it comes to data entry or reporting query.

We genuinely believe that the information around us or in each process of individual organization can be used to analyze and will enormously benefits the company financially or increasing productivity. Information Technology, in this case, can make that happen definitely with cooperation of developer, data entry personal, data analyst, and management.

It is true that the initial investment might look significant at the beginning, however, we definitely believe that it will pay off and help your company grows especially on software, where the investment is considered long run without additional investment needed for a long period of time.

We, 8 O’Clock IT Solution team, listen to customer needs and we try hard to employ any available technology to make it happen. We uniquely develop useable and practical system and we truly believe that we can make information valued.

Sep, 17

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